Cast Iron Covered Roaster


This 34 cm x 26 cm stunner will grace your Sunday lunch table for generations to come. The Roaster is ideal for the preparation of Sunday roasts and braised dishes. The rough surface collects cooking juices and enriches the flavours while the innovative droplet structure of the lid continuously self-bastes the meat, making it even more tender. Thanks to high heat retention, your dish will stay hot for a long time on the dining table, where it looks especially eye-catching with its rich red, blue or grey enamel colouring.

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The WOLL Cast Iron Oval Covered Roaster can easily move from oven to hob (no matter what type of hob you have) to the table.

– Removable handles
– Perfect heat distribution for energy-saving cooking
– Manufacturing process and surface PFOA free
– Healthy and low-fat
– Oven safe up to 350°C (remove handles first)
– Silicon handles safe up to 260°C

Cast iron cookware has been used for centuries – and there are good reasons for that: it lasts forever and stores heat for a long time. Traditional methods and handcraft skills, are passed down from one generation to the next, just like the cookware itself. Is there a more nostalgic or heartwarming way to serve and share grandmas’s recipe with your family than in a cast iron masterpiece?

The WOLL Cast Iron Covered Casserole is beautifully coloured in vibrant enamel, which means you can serve straight from the oven to the table. Convenient and beautiful. It is a special moment when you take your cast iron cookware out of the oven, place it directly on the table and lift the lid to reveal the delicious food. We’ve put a lot of thought into this moment and have developed special silicone handles to help you safely transport your hot cookware directly to the table.

Raw iron, heated to 1500 degrees – this glowing mass forms the core of all our Iron products. Casting molten iron requires compressed sand moulds – nothing else can withstand the extreme temperature. The casting master pours the iron into the sand mould by hand. Each product individually. Piece by piece.

When the cast iron has cooled down, the sand mould halves are separated to release the product. The sand mould can only be used once, making your product unique. The sand is recycled and used again and again.

The cast iron product is then ground, bottom turned and blasted by hand, by a skilled craftsman, for a perfect long-lasting finish.

Only the items that have met the high-quality standards that WOLL has come to be known for, in every single step of production, receive a special seal of quality at the end – the heat-resistant WOLL stainless steel lid knob.

Cast iron cookware lasts a life time, maybe even two. The heavyweight pots, combined with our special matt black enamel surface, helps retain heat and give meat a crispy surface – perfect for traditional cooking.

We have designed special drop shaped bumps on the underside of the lid, these enable continuous self-basting cooking and roasting, which further enhances and infuses flavours and makes the tender meat literally fall off the bone.


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