Ultimate Steel Hose and Nozzle


The Ultimate Steel Hose and Nozzle are the most durable hose and nozzle you will ever own. The hose is made of stainless steel and is incredibly compact, lightweight and more flexible than any other hose.

Do you need more convincing? Here are 7 great reasons why you’ll love the Ultimate Steel Hose:

  • Kink Resistant – Spiro-shield Technology construction keeps the Ultimate Steel Hose kink free.
  • Lightweight  – Weighing only 1.36 kg, the hose’s super lightweight design makes it the easiest hose to carry.
  • Unreels and recoils perfectly – The hose practically unreels itself and recoils perfectly every time.
  • Cool to the touch – The hose won’t get hot in the sun.
  • UV resistant – The hose won’t dull or dry out.
  • Corrosion Resistant – The hose won’t rust or crack.
  • Durable – The hose is tough as nails and is guaranteed puncture proof.

The Ultimate Steel Hose comes in 2 sizes:

  • 25′ = 7.6 metres
  • 50′ = 15.2 metres

The Ultimate Nozzle is a handy heavy duty nozzle that has adjustable stream patterns for strength and width, which you can adjust for different tasks. Engineered from extruded aluminium, stainless steel, reinforced plastic and comfort-grip soft rubber, the Ultimate Nozzle is built to last forever.

You never have to struggle or worry about functionality because this fireman-style spray nozzle has a wide comfortable grip, easy adjustment and it provides a strong, steady stream with every use.

A thick rubber casing provides an added layer of comfort and ensures that it will never break. Drop it, whack it, step on it or even run it over with your car and this high quality spray nozzle will still work like it was brand new!


  • Industrial strength;
  • Fire hose nozzle construction;
  • Adjustable spray pattern for all jobs;
  • Turns standard garden hoses into multi-function spray tools.

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The Ultimate Steel Hose is a tough and long-lasting product designed to withstand the elements.

The stainless steel is UV resistant and reflects the harmful effects of the sun, keeping it cooler to the touch than other hoses. Corrosion-resistance protects it against the harsh elements.

In your hand, the Ultimate Nozzle feels like a professional firefighter’s tool and unlike other options that look the same, it actually offers similar performance and durability too.

Attach it to any standard garden hose and it will deliver an infinitely variable stream of water that is strong and steady when needed, or gentle and cascading as necessary.

Select from five different spray patterns, ranging from a soft fan to a powerful and precise jet stream, or stop at any point in between. Keep on twisting in either direction and the two-way shut off will stop the flow of water.


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