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Imagine a pillow that can relieve snoring, migraines, neck and back problems, acid reflux, allergies and insomnia while you sleep. Plus, it’s the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own.

Could this be the healthiest pillow on the planet?

We all know that bamboo is the most sustainable, eco-friendly plant on Earth.

Here’s more reasons why we chose a bamboo cover:

  • No more allergies – breathe cleaner and deeper
  • No more sweating – bamboo is breathable and keeps
    moisture away from the skin
  • No more build-up of bacteria and parasites – bamboo is
    aggressively anti-bacterial
  • No more discomfort – deodorizing bamboo keeps you
    cool when its hot and warm when its cold.

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ePromo Bamboo Pillow. Looking for the best night’s sleep?

Thanks to its revolutionary, interlocking memory foam inner, the ePromo
Bamboo Pillow cradles your head and neck in a gentle hug for correct alignment
of the nerves, tendons and muscles – whether you sleep on your back, front
or side.

Caring for your Bamboo Pillow

  • The outer pillow case is machine washable on cool water and should then be air dried. The Bamboo Pillow inner requires no washing as is aggressively anti-bacterial.

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