The Briza is a personal air cooler that uses evaporated water to lower the ambient temperature of the room at a fraction of the cost of a traditional air-conditioner.

Traditional air-conditioning units will dry and recycle your air. The Briza adds humidity, keeping moisture in. It performs best in dry climates.

This efficient cooling system comes with remote control and no installation or venting is required. The units are portable and provide personal comfort.

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The Briza is the air cooling solution for every home. The sleek design makes it a modern addition that doesn’t seem obtrusive.

The 8 L water tank brings you hours of cool air to keep the heat at bay. The unit is portable and doesn’t make a loud noise, meaning you can even use it while you sleep.


Air Volume: 700m3/h
Area Coverage: 12m2
Power: 80 W
Input Electricity: 220 V / 50 Hz
Current: 0.36 A
Water Tank Capacity: 8 L
Water Continuous Usage: 8-12 h
Noise: < 55dB
Fan Speed: 3 speeds
Vent Size: 12×12 cm
Cooling Pad Type: 4090
Overall Dimension: 31x31x62.5 cm
Operating Weight: 13.2 kg


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