Titanium Nowo Induction Fry Pan


WOLL Nowo Titanium Design

Nowo Titanium combines the benefits of our classic TitanPlus range of pans with a substantially lighter design. The approx. 8-mm pan bottom in stress-relieved chill cast aluminium and our ultra-durable and cut-resistant non-stick coating in high-tech titanium alloy together ensure the very best cooking results. Their optional detachable handles allow Nowo pans to be used as oven-proof baking dishes.

Nowo Titanium cookware is available in all good specialist stores in Germany!

– Induction Compatible
– Suitable for hotplates up to 18cm in diameter
– Oven-proof (heat-resistant up to 250 °C with fixed handle, oven-proof only without handle where the handle is detachable)
– Thermal bottom approx. 8mm thick
– Cast aluminum


Titanium Nowo

WOLL Nowo Titanium Properties – Made in Germany. Every item in the Nowo Titanium range was individually hand cast in Germany. We then apply an extremely hard aluminium titanium oxide treatment to the cookware surface using a highly complex procedure involving the use of a 20,000 °C plasma jet. The result is an extremely cut and abrasion-resistant, PFOA-free titanium hard-base coating with outstanding non-stick properties.The manufacturing process is completed in cutting-edge production facilities, applying the highest possible environmental standards, using heat recirculation systems and CO2 emission reduction measures. As our raw material, we use only pure recycled aluminium conforming to the highest EU standards.


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