FeelFree Jazz Hip Bags


Our Jazz Hip Bag is a trendy little submersion-proof shoulder bag that converts into a bum bag in seconds. It is great for keeping all your little valuables and belongings secure, dry and free from sand and dust in any climate. Jazz is perfect for wallets, purses, car keys or maps.

With internal and external mesh pockets for keeping your MP3 player out of your makeup or stopping your keys from scratching your smart phone, Jazz is just what you need.


• Easy Access Mesh Pocket

• Quick Easy Locking

• Belt Attachment

• Adjustable Shoulder Strap

• Inside Mesh Pocket

Dimension: W20 x H17 x D6.5 cm

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FeelFree Jazz Hip Bags are a must have for any outdoor adventurer.

We have a wide variety of dry bags for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are a biker, cyclist, canoeist, surfer, or if you have just started supping, keep your belongings safe and dry with a FeelFree Bag.

Our products are 100% waterproof with a trifold seal and they come with a 2-year warranty.

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Black, Pink, Sky Blue, White, Slate Grey

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