The Briza is a personal air cooler that uses evaporated water to lower the ambient temperature of the room at a fraction of the cost of a traditional air-conditioner.

Traditional air-conditioning units will dry and recycle your air. The Briza adds humidity, keeping moisture in. It performs best in dry climates.

This efficient cooling system comes with a remote control and no installation or venting is required. The units are portable and provide personal comfort.


Air Volume: 700m3/h
Area Coverage: 12m2
Power: 80 W
Input Electricity: 220 V / 50 Hz
Current: 0.36 A
Water Tank Capacity: 8 L
Water Continuous Usage: 8-12 h
Noise: < 55dB
Fan Speed: 3 speeds
Vent Size: 12×12 cm
Cooling Pad Type: 4090
Overall Dimension: 31x31x62.5 cm
Operating Weight: 13.2 kg

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The Briza is the air cooling solution for every home. The sleek design makes it a modern addition that doesn’t seem obtrusive.

The 8 L water tank brings you hours of cool air to keep the heat at bay. The unit is portable and doesn’t make a loud noise, meaning you can even use it while you sleep.

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