Boombox V2


The Boombox V2 turns virtually anything into a speaker! Plug in your music player and stick Boombox on nearly any surface or object and you will instantly have a mobile, on-the-go speaker.

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The Boombox V2 uses a new vibration technology! You have to use one and hear it to believe it!

The Boombox is compact, making it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. It has a cord that wraps inside the unit and comes with a rubberized anti-scratch coating.

This portable speaker is for use with MP3 players, cellphones, iPads and laptops. It will turn anything you stick it to into a speaker and is small and light. It comes in multiple colours and can be powered by USB or 2 AAA batteries.

COLOURS: Black, Aqua Blue, Lime Green, White, Hot Pink, Purple

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Aqua Blue, Black, Hot Pink, Lime, Purple, White

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